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Why Choose 5678 Dance Studio?



1. Body Mechanics Training


Too often, dance teachers instruct the way they were taught. Even though dance is an art form which relies on generations of tradition, modern knowledge of body mechanics needs to be used when training dancers. Our dancers have the advantage of dancing longer, better, and stronger as a result of their body mechanics training, which is incorporated into all our classes.



2. Trained Instructors


All of our instructors are trained and certified through our studio in the areas of body mechanics, dance technique, 5678 Dance Studio class curriculum, injury prevention, emergency procedures, and class structure. Our instructors have ongoing training with guest teachers, 5678 staff training sessions, and seminars. 



3. Children’s Program


At 5678 Dance Studio, we have created a unique Children’s Program that is age and skill appropriate.  Dance is very sequential and needs to be taught that way. Children’s classes should be structured to introduce dance technique and body mechanic concepts, while engaging the child’s interest with dance movement and music. Our goal at 5678 is to nurture a love for the art form of dance in our students while giving them the tools to pursue their skills and technique.  



4. Performance Opportunities


The performing arts, when used in a constructive and productive way, can be a wonderful window into the soul and emotions of humanity. Dance cannot be disconnected from the performing arts experience.  When it is disconnected, the art form becomes a series of exercises and a list of skills to be learned. 5678 Dance Studio offers the performing arts experience through our annual dance production. For dancers who aspire to make dance a career, 5678 offers a Junior, Teen, and Senior Company. The companies participate in four productions/shows each year, which include: Tremaine, Hollywood Dance Jamz, Hollywood Connection, Spotlight, KAR, & Dance the Magic in Disneyland.



5. Variety of Dance Styles and Forms


Qualified teachers offer excellent instruction in Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary, Tap, Hip Hop, and Modern dance techniques. We believe that dancers who are diversified in their abilities are much more useful and marketable in the “performing arts” world.



6. Environment


At 5678 Dance Studio we offer an environment of safety, encouragement, and respect. Our instructors truly want to make a difference in their students’ lives through the art of dance, which helps develop self esteem and confidence in our students.

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