May Newsletter

Celebrating 27 Years of Dancing the Dream!

We are excited for our upcoming dance performance in June 2021!  The dancers are working hard in class to perfect their technique and learn their recital dances.  We know you will be proud of what your dancer has accomplished this year.


No Dance Classes

5678 Dance Studio will be closed for classes for the following days:

May 31st – Memorial Day

May Spotlight Dancer- 10 Year Student- Noelise Miranda

Noelise was 5 when she started dancing with 5678. Outside of dance, she enjoys playing sports and instruments. She says that dance is fun, and that learning such a variety of dances and meeting so many new people are why she continues to dance. She also says that dance has helped her with her performance skills and confidence. Noelise's favorite teacher is Miss Kim because she always believes in her students and never gives up on them when they struggle. So far, her favorite Recital dance has been "Beat It" because she's always been a Michael Jackson fan, and her favorite Recital Theme goes all the way back to 2014's "Tune In And Dance" because she loved all the TV theme songs. In fact, in the future, Noelise hopes to pursue filmmaking!


Recital Dance Practice Videos – Band App

Here is how you can access your child’s Recital Dance for practice at home:

  1. Download the BAND App

From this link, the website lists out each level’s invitation link: BAND App Links | 5678-dance-modesto

  1. Join the group that corresponds with your dancers Class Level at 5678 Dance Studio.  Class levels can be found in your Parent Portal if you do not know.

  2. Search in the Albums for your dancer’s class/time and dance song.

Show Off Week 

In normal years past, we have used the last week of class before recital to give the kids the opportunity to show each other their dances. This year, we will not be doing a show off week to give everyone just one more regular class before Recital Week. That being said, if the schedule allows, they may still be able to perform for other classes happening at the same time! 

Picture Dates

We will have a few picture days this year.  Each class will have an assigned date and time to come and have their individual picture taken as well as a class picture. The full picture schedule (as well as a list of each classes’ tights and hairstyle requirements!) will be listed on our website under the Recital 2021 very soon! We will put a link in the Wednesday email once it is complete. 

Saturday, May 1st

Friday, May 14th

Saturday, May 15th

2021-2022 Showstopper Competition Auditions

5678 will be holding auditions for our 2021-2022 Showstopper Company on Friday, June 4th, 2021.  There will packets available at the front desk with information regarding commitment and cost for the team based on your dancers age soon, so please keep an eye on the Wednesday email for announcements. Registration for auditions will be in your parent portal soon as well. The fee is $20 if paid before June 4th. If paid at the time of auditions, the registration fee is $25. There is a $200 deposit required at the time of auditions. If your dancer tries out and does not make the team, your deposit will be returned to you.


2021-2022 Fierce Fleet Performing Team Auditions

5678 will also be holding auditions for our 2021-2022 Fierce Fleet Performing Team on Friday June 4th. There will be an information packet available at the front desk, but similar rules to the Showstopper auditions apply. There is a $20 registration fee if paid before June 4th  ($25 if paid at the time of auditions), and a $100 deposit due at auditions. If your dancer tries out and does not make the Fierce Fleet team, your deposit will be returned to you. If you have any questions, please come to the front desk!

Daddy Daughter & Mommy Munchkin Dance

There are only 3 rehearsals left for Daddy Daughter & Mommy Munchkin! Please remember to practice and come to every rehearsal!

May 8, 2021

May 22, 2021

June 5, 2021

Recital Information & Parent Volunteers

This year looks very different from years past. Please make sure you read through the recital information packet and fill out your parent volunteer form, which can both be found on the "Recital 2021" page on our website. They are full of valuable and necessary information for Recital Week, Ticket Sales, and the need for Parent Volunteers!



2021 Dance Performance – “The Greatest Show”

5678 Dance Studio will be celebrating our 27th year!  Our 2021 Dance performance will be held at the Stanislaus County Fairgrounds in Turlock.  PLEASE NOTE – At this time, we are moving forward with Recital as planned. Tickets should be available sometime in May for purchase. We appreciate your patience with outgoing information as we navigate the changes we need to make in order to make Recital happen this year!


Below is a mandatory schedule for when dancers need to be present at the fairgrounds:


Show A

Dress Rehearsal:

Wednesday, June 9th- 11:00am-2:00pm



Thursday, June 10th- 6:30pm

Saturday, June 12th- 12:00pm



Show B:

Dress Rehearsal:

Wednesday, June 9th- 5:00-8:00pm



Friday, June 11th- 6:30pm

Saturday, June 12th- 6:30pm



If you have a question that wasn’t addressed in this newsletter, please feel free to contact the front desk. 


Dance the Dream,

Tamie Griffith