December Newsletter

Celebrating 28 Years of Dancing the Dream!


M 3:00-9:15pm | T 3:00pm-9:15pm | W 9:30am-8:45pm | TH 3:00pm-9:15pm


No Dance: 5678 Dance Studio will be closed on the following days:

  • December 20th- January 2nd - Winter Break

  • February 21st

  • March 21st – 27th - Spring Break

  • May 30th        


All other school holidays we will have dance.


Costume Orders
Costume Orders are still open! Shipping is $10. If your child’s paperwork does not have a recommended size or if you have any questions, please reach out to the front desk before ordering. You will have until December 10th to order costumes! If you do not order a costume, we will assume you are not participating in Recital 2022. If you already know that you cannot participate, please reach out to the front office to let us know. As a note, costumes typically start arriving in the Spring, and we will notify you when they are ready to be picked up!


Dress Code
As stated in our studio policies, students need to wear the correct dance shoes and attire. Students not dressed properly will be asked to sit out. Dance attire needs to be form fitting.  This will allow the instructor to correct body placement. If you have any questions, please refer to under dress code, or ask your child’s instructor or the front desk! 


Mask Update

Following Stanislaus County’s change in policy, masks are now optional at the studio. If you would like your child to wear one, please let their teacher know so they can be reminded if needed.


Are You Getting Our Emails?

We have noticed that some families are not receiving replies to their email, even though they are receiving emails sent through the Parent Portal. At this time, we have not determined the cause of that, but if you are waiting on a reply from us, please make sure to check your spam or junk folder! This issue is not happening to everyone, but we want to make sure you know we see your emails and are responding! Please note that no one is in the studio Friday-Monday, so if you email (or leave a voicemail), we will not receive it until Monday.


2022 Dance Recital

This year, the annual dance recital will be held June 13th-18th at the Gallo Center for the Arts in the Mary Stuart Rodgers Theatre.  Our annual dance recital is optional, but we do assume that you are participating unless you tell us otherwise. More details are available online and in future newsletters. Please email us or tell the front desk if your child will not be participating in this year's recital. Please note, with all of the uncertainty surrounding recital, we will be keeping everyone informed! One way or another, we will have Recital!


Show A Dancers

Dress Rehearsal:

Tuesday, June 14th - 5:00pm - 7:30pm



Thursday, June 16th - 6:30pm

Saturday, June  18th - 1:00pm


Show B Dancers

Dress Rehearsal:

Wednesday, June 15th - 5:00-7:30pm



Friday, June 17th - 6:30pm

Saturday, June 18th - 6:30pm


Specialty Dances including Opening Number, Daddy Daughter, Mommy Munchkin, and other production dances will have a spacing rehearsal on Monday, June 13th.  A detailed schedule will be announced on a later date.


Questions, Concerns:

If you have a question that wasn’t addressed in this newsletter, please feel free to ask. You can reach us at the studio during business hours by phone (209)523-5678, or by email


Dance the Dream,

Tamie Griffith


5678 Dance Studio