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May 2023 Newsletter

Celebrating 29 Years of "Dancing the Dream!"

We are excited for our upcoming dance performance in June 2023! Recital is coming up, so staying informed is important.  Please make sure to stay update by reading the weekly Wednesday email, monthly newsletters and following us on Social Media.


No Dance Classes

May 29th


5- & 10-Year Students

We have compiled a list of students (and Dad’s & Mom’s!) who are 5- & 10-Year Students this year. Please review the link to our website: If you think your child is a 5 or 10 year student this year and their name is not listed, please contact the front desk at (209)523-5678 or email us at If your child is a 5 Year dancer and has been coming to 5678 consecutively, their first recital would have been “Moment in Time” in 2019.

Band App – Keep Practicing

Please make sure you download the Band App in your device’s app store and create yourself an account if you don’t already have one! We use this app to upload practice videos and music for you to practice your recital dance at home between classes. Please check your parent portal to confirm what level and show your child is in, and then follow the appropriate link below to join. Please check the “Album” section to find your child’s class and dance to practice. If you need any assistance, please ask Sheri or Shay at the front office to help you!


Show A Bands -

Pre-Level Show A & B –

Level I Show A –

Level II  Show A -

Level III Show A –

Level IV Show A-


Show B Bands –

Pre-Level Show A & B –

Level I Show B –

Level II Show B -

Level III Show B –

Level IV Show B –

Level V Show B –


2023 Dance Performance – “Big Noise”

5678 Dance Studio will be celebrating our 29th year!  Our 2023 Dance performance will be held at the Gallo Center for the Arts. 

Spacing Rehearsals

Monday, June 5th – Time TBA

We will have Spacing rehearsal for larger dances and the Mommy Munchkin and Daddy Daughter classes. You will be notified if you need to be present at Spacing Rehearsals.


Show A

Dress Rehearsal:

Tuesday, June 6th- 5:00-7:30pm



Thursday, June 8th- 6:30pm

Saturday, June 10th- 1:00pm


Show B:

Dress Rehearsal:

Wednesday, June 7th- 5:00-7:30pm



Friday, June 9th- 6:30pm

Saturday, June 10th- 6:30pm



If you have a question that wasn’t addressed in this newsletter, please feel free to contact the front desk. 


Dance the Dream,

Tamie Griffith

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