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February 2023 Newsletter

Celebrating 29 Years of "Dancing the Dream!"

We are in full preparation mode for our June Recital. Make sure to read your Wednesday emails and monthly newsletters for information about the recital.


No Dance Classes

February 20th

March 20th – 24th

May 29th


Showstopper Showcase

The 2023 Showstopper Showcase will be on March 11, 2023, at the Gallo Center for the Arts. Tickets will be on sale beginning February 8th at the Gallo box office and website.


Recital Costume Picture Dates

Each class will have a scheduled day and time to take their recital costume picture. This schedule will be posted in March. Pictures days will take place in April & May.


Recital Costume Arrival

All Recital Costumes have been ordered and will be arriving in the next few months.  Once the costumes arrive, our team checks each costume to make sure it has everything, puts the costume on a hanger and into a garment bag, adds the tights & camisole (if ordered), and labels it for each dancer. 


How will you know when your costume arrives?

  • When your child’s costume has arrived, you will receive an email from us letting you know it is at the studio and ready for pick up.  Please note that an adult must come and sign off for the costume.


What do I do if I didn’t order tights?

  • If you didn’t order tights when you ordered your costume (all Pre, Level I, and Level II costumes receive tights automatically!), you can purchase them at The Dance Bag in McHenry Village.  All dancers need the same style, brand, and color tights for recital.


Band App – Time to Start Practicing!

Please make sure you download the Band App in your device’s app store and create yourself an account if you don’t already have one! We use this app to upload practice videos and music for you to practice your recital dance at home between classes. Please check your parent portal to confirm what level and show your child is in, and then follow the appropriate link below to join. Please check the “Album” section to find your child’s class and dance to practice. You can find the album section by clicking on the 2nd tab at the bottom of the page. Here you will see all the dances in that BAND. Click on your child's class and the videos will be there. If you need any assistance, please ask Sheri or Shay at the front office to help you!


Show A Bands -

Pre-Level Show A & B –

Level I Show A –

Level II  Show A -

Level III Show A –

Level IV Show A-

Show B Bands –

Pre-Level Show A & B –

Level I Show B –

Level II Show B -

Level III Show B –

Level IV Show B –

Level V Show B –


2023 Annual Dance Recital – “Big Noise”

This year, the annual dance recital will be held June 5th -10th at the Gallo Center for the Arts in the Mary Stuart Rodgers Theatre.  More details are available online and in future newsletters.


Show A Dancers

Dress Rehearsal:

Tuesday, June 6th - 5:00pm - 7:30pm



Thursday, June 8th - 6:30pm

Saturday, June 10th - 1:00pm


Show B Dancers

Dress Rehearsal:

Wednesday, June 7th - 5:00-7:30pm



Friday, June 9th - 6:30pm

Saturday, June 10th - 6:30pm


Specialty Dances including Opening Number, Daddy Daughter, Mommy Munchkin, and other production dances will have a spacing rehearsal on Monday, June 5th.  A detailed schedule will be announced on a later date.

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