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5678 Dance Studio was established in the fall of 1994 by Danette Tomasello and Tamie Griffith.  Danette was 19 and Tamie was 16 and they both had been dreaming of opening a studio for a long time.  In 1994, they opened a single dance room studio and had 84 dancers their first year.  In 1996, they expanded to a second dance room to accommodate their growing business. In 2002, they relocated across the parking lot to a larger building with 3 dance rooms, larger lobby, office, and break room area. In 2004, they needed to expand again to house a 4th dance room.

In 2011, the sisters' mother Janet, who was the office manager and dance mom to the studio kids, passed away. Tamie now runs the dance studio alone since 2013 after her sister Danette passed away.  She is very thankful for the support from her husband and faculty.


The dream the two sisters had many years ago will always be there.  Tamie is always striving to bring the best to her students and faculty at 5678 Dance Studio.  5678 Dance Studio is now in its 30th Dance Season!




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