"The Greatest Show"

Order of Recital - SHOW B



  1. The Greatest Show

  2. Tues 5:45 Pre Ballet "You Can Fly"

  3. Contemporary "Dirty Paws"

  4. Thurs 5:15 "Little Ballerinas"

  5. Thurs 5:30 Tap IV & V "Supremes"

  6. Tues 4:00 Ballet I "I Don't Want To Live On The Moon"

  7. Thurs 5:00 Hip Hop III "Run Dat Back"

  8. Tues 6:00 Junior Jazz "Gotta Be Me"

  9. Tues 4:00 Intermediate Jazz "Canned Heat"

  10. Monday 5:15pm Teen Jazz "Gonna Be a Good Day"

  11. Wednesday 5:15pm Senior Tap "Cups"

  12. Tuesday 7:30pm Tap V "Treasure"

  13. Thursday 6:15pm Ballet II "Shine"

  14. Tuesday 3:45pm Ballet II "1234"

  15. Thursday 3:30pm Lyrical III "Home"

  16. Tuesday 6pm Ballet III "Le Festin"

  17. Thursday 6:00pm Teen Ballet "Fields of Gold"

  18. Wednesday 6:00pm Senior Ballet "Stand by Me"

  19. Thursday 6:00pm Ballet IV & V "Someone to Love"

  20. Tuesday 7:00pm Ballet V "Fairytale"

  21. Thursday 4:00pm Ballet I "I Can Sing a Rainbow"

  22. Daddy Daughter Ballroom

  23. Thursday 6:15pm Intermediate Ballet "One by One"

  24. Thursday5:45pm Tot Hip Hop "Hip Hop Dance"

  25. Thursday 4:45pm Junior Ballet "Beyond the Sea"

  26. Jurassic Park

  1. Monday 7:00pm Senior Jazz A "River Deep Mountain High"

  2. Mommy Munchkin

  3. Monday 7:00pm Senior Jazz B "Whatcha Waiting For"

  4. Thursday 8:30pm Hip Hop V "Radio"

  5. Tues/Thurs 7:15pm Jazz IV "Who Do You Think You Are"

  6. Thursday 4:30pm Jazz/Hip Hop I "Stray Cat Strut"

  7. Tuesday 6:15pm Pre Tap "When I Grow Up"

  8. Thursday 4:15pm Int/Teen Tap "I'm Still Standing"

  9. Thursday 7:00pm Jazz/Hip Hop II "Stupid Cupid"

  10. Monday 8:15pm Senior Hip Hop "The Vision"

  11. Tuesday 4:30pm Jazz/Hip Hip II "Itsy Bitsy Spider"

  12. Tuesday 3:30pm Tap I "Toe Terrific Tappin"

  13. Tuesday 5:15pm Tap III "Sir Duke"

  14. Monday 4:30pm Teen Hip Hop "Ain't Nothing Wrong with That"

  15. Thursday 8:15pm Hip Hop IV & V "Bounce"

  16. Tuesday 5:15/6:45pm Junior/Int Hip Hop "Back in Time"

  17. Monday 6:15pm Senior Contemporary "An Evening I Will Not Forget"

  18. Thursday 7:30pm Jazz V "Call Me"

  19. Thursday 4:15pm Jazz III "Kids in America"

  20. Tuesday 8:15pm Hip Hop IV "The Club"

  21. Tuesday 6:00pm Int/Teen Contemporary "Thursday"

  22. Tuesday 5:15pm Tap II "The Beat Goes On"

  23. Tuesday 4:30pm Jazz/Hip Hop I "Think Pink"

  24. Daddy Daughter Hip Hop

  25. I Love Rock and Roll

  26. Finale