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Please understand our policy must be that what you are purchasing is not a class at a time, but a reserved place in that class. There is no provision for credit to be issued for missed classes. Tuition is not refundable, and no adjustments can be made for the number of days or classes in a given month or for days missed due to illness or any personal inconveniences.  1st month's tuition and registration are non-refundable.

Annual tuition is based on 11 months of classes per season. No charges will be added for months with extra class days and no refunds will be given for months with fewer class days. This way your tuition stays the same price for all 11 months.



5678 will be using Auto Pay for every account.  You must have a credit card on file to pay tuition with.  All cards will be run on the 1st of the month for that month's tuition.  For example, August tuition will be charged on August 1, 2022.
*We do not charge a registration fee for Dance Camps.



Tuition is posted on the first of each month for that month. If accounts are paid after the 6th of the month, there will be a $15.00 late fee applied to the account balance. There is a $25.00 returned check charge for any checks returned by the bank.



You must notify us of your withdrawal before the tuition payment is deducted from your account for the following month. Tuition and registration fees are not refundable if they have already been charged.



If your dancer must miss a class, please know that we do not offer makeup classes.  Each class is different, which means a child cannot attend another class to "catch up". Also, it is distracting to the class to have new students coming in and out of class each week.  We strive to keep consistency in all the classes.



Dancers are only allowed in the classrooms, with the exception of our Dance With Me class. The windows will be closed in order to ensure full focus from all the dancers and limit distractions. You may view your dancer's class from the TV monitors in the lobby. This way you are always able to see your dancer's class and your child is able to focus on dance.

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