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Recital Information Meetings

Monday April 3rd - 4:30-5pm Studio D

Wednesday April 5th – 7-7:30pm Studio B

Thursday April 6th – 5:30-6pm Studio D

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(209) 523-5678


5678 Dance Studio

1369 Standiford Avenue

Modesto, CA 95350  



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March Spotlight Dancers


Arbella Royel is 17 years old and began dancing with 5678 at 6 years old. Outside of the dance studio, she loves to paint and be crafty. Arbella’s family inspires her to work hard with dance. Seeing how beautiful a dance can come to be with everyone together also inspires her to dance. She says her best experience with 5678 has to be meeting her best friends and seeing her confidence grow with the help of the dance studio faculty. Arbella is most inspired by Ms. Jess and Ms. Kim because they showed her how to be brave and shoot for the stars. Her all-time favorite recital dance was “Pirates of the Caribbean.” This was most memorable for her because it was her first pointe performance, and the audiences faces made her feel great! “Lights, Camera, Action” was the recital theme she enjoyed most. She says that seeing her favorite movies come to life in dances was the most wonderful feeling. Arbella feels that 5678 Dance Studio has taught her how to work as a team and be more comfortable while backstage. After graduating high school, she plans to study genetics in college and work in a lab one day!

Karlie’s inspiration for dance is the feeling of expressing herself while bringing joy to herself and others around her. Her favorite thing about dancing with 5678 is being able to remember experiences like dancing during “Princess camp” when she was little and having the greatest time. The teacher that inspires Karlie the most is Ms. Mandy because she showed her how dance can bring happiness. Karlie’s most enjoyable recital dance was “Home” from the 2021 dance season because that’s the year she realized she had a love for contemporary dance. Her favorite them was the 2022 them “Lights, Camera, Action” because of the music variety. Karlie feels 5678 has impacted her life by giving her a space to make new friends and improve herself as an actor and artist through dance. After finishing high school, she plans to guide youth artists, dancers, singers, or actors pursue their dreams!


Dress Code

5678 Dance Studio has a dress code for dancers so that the instructors and students are getting the most out of their classes.  It is very hard for an instructor to correct a dancer’s alignment when the dancer is wearing baggy clothes, their hair is in their face, or they are not wearing dance clothes and it is very hard for a dancer to make corrections, stretch, and dance properly when they have street clothes on. Please make sure to have your dancer dress according to the dress code so that your child can participate in their classes. 

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5678 Social Media


Are you following us on social media? It is a great way to stay updated on the latest studio news, announcements, dance challenges, event information, class photos, and more! 
Facebook: 5678 Dance Studio

Instagram: 5678dancemodesto
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