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Spotlight Dancers - June




Teagan Chapman – 10 Year Dancer


Teagan started dance at the age of 2 and is now 15 years old! Outside of dance she enjoys playing softball, welding, being apart of FFA, and interior design. Teagan says that 5678 has benefited her life by giving her the space to do what she loves, free of judgement. Teagan says her favorite teacher has been Mrs. Kim because she has always been her inspiration since she was little. On Broadway, 2016’s recital was Teagan’s overall favorite recital theme. She says that her favorite dance would have to be her contemporary dance this year, Theme of Armageddon. Teagan enjoys dancing because she loves music and loves being able to show her personality in a different light. In the future Teagan hopes to get her degree in construction management and get into real estate.  

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Madison Sinford – 10 Year Dancer 

Madison is 19 years old and started dancing at 5678 at the age of 10! Outside of dance Madison enjoys reading, playing with animals, and riding her skateboard. The best part of her experience at 5678 Dance Studio was being a part of the Showstopper competition team. Madison’s favorite teacher at 5678 has been Mrs. Kim because she teaches Tap and that is her favorite style of dance. 5 Guys Named Moe was her all-time favorite recital dance and her favorite recital theme was Name Game because she had so much fun in the recital. 5678 has benefited Madison’s life because it gave her a way to express herself. In the future Madison hopes to become a math teacher

Alli Haston – 15 Year Dancer 

Alli has been dancing at 5678 for 15 years she took her first dance class at the age of 3. Alli loves being able to have fun with her friends while making unforgettable memories at dance. Dancing has always been a way for Alli to express herself and she cherishes the lifelong lessons she has learned while dancing at 5678. Alli says that one of the best parts of her experience at 5678 has been the constant love and support she has received from the faculty and her dance friends. During her time at 5678 Alli said that her two favorite teachers have been Mrs. Tamie and Miss Mandy. Mrs. Tamie always pushes Alli to try her absolute best, as well as giving her an outlet to express herself, and create lifelong friends. Miss Mandy has always been someone that Alli could connect with on every level, and she has supported her throughout her time at 5678. In the future Alli hopes to become a professional musician and go wherever that may take her! 


Judy Carman – 25 Year Dancer 

Judy started dancing at the age of 51. 5678 has benefited Judy’s life because Tamie & Danette provided her with a healthy outlet for her to express her love of dance! Outside of dance Judy enjoys using oil paints and spend time with her grandchildren. She says her favorite memory while at 5678 was being able to watch her son Jade and granddaughter Rhiannon dance together in the daddy daughter dance. Shania Twain’s “Feel Like a Woman” was her favorite dance she has done because she got to turn her tap shoes into boots and stomp and kick her heels up! Judy doesn’t have a favorite teacher; she says that all the teachers at 5678 has something special and was able to teach her something new. In the future Judy hopes to be a happy old lady dancing when she hears music with her grandchildren.  

Dress Code

5678 Dance Studio has a dress code for dancers so that the instructors and students are getting the most out of their classes.  It is very hard for an instructor to correct a dancer’s alignment when the dancer is wearing baggy clothes, their hair is in their face, or they are not wearing dance clothes and it is very hard for a dancer to make corrections, stretch, and dance properly when they have street clothes on. Please make sure to have your dancer dress according to the dress code so that your child can participate in their classes. 

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