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5678 Dance Studio has a dress code for dancers so that the instructors and students are getting the most out of their classes.  It is very hard for an instructor to correct a dancer’s alignment when the dancer is wearing baggy clothes, their hair is in their face, or they are not wearing dance clothes and it is very hard for a dancer to make corrections, stretch, and dance properly when they have street clothes on. Please make sure to have your dancer dress according to the dress code so that your child can participate in their classes. 

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Danika Romo- 10 Year Dancer

Danika started dancing with 5678 before she turned 2! Outside of dance, Danika enjoys school, art, tumbling, traveling, church, and spending time with her family. She loves to dance because it challenges her and helps her grow, and because performing is her favorite! Danika says the best part about her experiences with 5678 is the friendships she's made. They are "the best friends a girl could dream of".When asked who her favorite teacher has been, Danika says "I don't do favorites. I have been inspired by every teacher I've had - which is alot!". She feels that 5678 has benefited her life because she has gained confidence in herself through her dance experiences. Danika's favorite dance has been "Stray Cat Strut" because they got to perform it at Disneyland! Her favorite recital so far has been Purple Reign, because the music and dances were awesome, and the glow sticks were fun! In the future, Danika wants to be on Broadway herself!

Caitlin Laughlin - 10 Year Dancer

Caitlin started dancing at 5678 when she was 3 years old. Outside of dance, Caitlin plays soccer, and loves reading, writing her own stories, art, and going to church. Caitlin says she dances because it is fun and she loves dancing with her cousins (her cousin Danika above is also a 10 Year Student!) She says the best part of her experience is dancing with her family, and especially enjoyed the year her and 5 of her cousins were in a Hip Hop dance together (Tilt Ya Head Back)! Her overall favorite dance was from 2016's On Broadway recital, called "Hard Knock Life". Caitlin's favorite dance teacher is Miss Mandy, because she's so fun, and Caitlin feels 5678 has benefited her life by teaching her the art of dance. Caitlin hopes to one day become a dance teacher or an author!

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