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NO DANCE- November 27th - December 1st
Recital Costumes need to be ordered by December 6th.

Spotlight Dancer

Natalie De Jesus- 10 Year Student

Natalie is 13 years old and has been dancing at 5678 since she was 3 years old! Outside of dance, Natalie is involved in soccer, baseball, track, and softball. Natalie loves dance because it makes her feel happy and free. The best part of her experience so far with 5678 has been making the Fierce Fleet Performance Team and being able to participate in the Disneyland Parade! Mandy and Jess are two of her favorite teachers because they make class fun and she loves their choreography. Natalie’s all-time favorite dance has been Spiderman, and her favorite recital theme was On Broadway because it was her 5th year and she got to dance with her dad in the Daddy Daughter dance. Natalie feels 5678 has benefitted her life by helping her become more outgoing and social. In the future, Natalie hopes to become a dance teacher and maybe someday own her own dance studio!

Spotlight Dancer

Layla Correa- 10 Year Student

Layla is 12 years old and has been dancing at 5678 for 10 years! Outside of dance, she loves to travel and cook for her family. Layla’s reason for dance is because she loves it and how it challenges her and helps her to relax. Her best part of her experience with 5678 has been meeting all her friends and teachers. One of Layla’s favorite teachers is Jess because she has challenged her, and she has learned so much from her. Layla’s all-time favorite dance was “Thank You for Being a Friend” and her favorite recital theme has been “A Moment in Time” because it was the studio’s 25th anniversary! Layla believes 5678 has benefitted her life because it has helped her to listen to directions and to be able to work with a team. In the future, Layla wants to become an anthropologist or a lawyer.

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Dress Code

5678 Dance Studio has a dress code for dancers so that the instructors and students are getting the most out of their classes.  It is very hard for an instructor to correct a dancer’s alignment when the dancer is wearing baggy clothes, their hair is in their face, or they are not wearing dance clothes and it is very hard for a dancer to make corrections, stretch, and dance properly when they have street clothes on. Please make sure to have your dancer dress according to the dress code so that your child can participate in their classes. 

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