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Spotlight Dancers - October



Olivia Claire Cunha-10 Year Dancer

Olivia Claire is 13 and started dancing at 5678 when she was 3! Outside of dance, "OC" likes origami, reading, video games, and hanging out with friends. She says the best part of her time so far with 5678 has been joining the competition team and her reason and inspiration for dancing is that she gets to express herself, be creative, and do what she loves. Olivia Claire's favorite recital was 2017's "Purple Reign" and her favorite dance so far was "Fields of Gold". Her favorite teacher is Tamie because she's always pushed Olivia Claire to do her best and helped make her the dancer she is today. In the future, Olivia Claire hopes to be a cardiothoracic surgeon so that she can help others in life changing ways.
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Kyah Gilbert - 10 Year Dancer

Kyah is 13 years old and started dancing at 5678 when she was 3. She says she's had the opportunity to meet so many people and make new friends that love dance too! Kyah says her favorite teacher is Mandy, because her love of dance shows and she makes learning fun. Kyah's favorite recital dance has been "Bounce" and her favorite recital was 2021's "The Greatest Show" because she got to do Daddy Daughter with her dad. Kyah says 5678 has helped her to be more outgoing and that dancing here has given her confidence in herself. Kyah wants to work with animals in the future, and says that dance will always be a part of her life!
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Cadence Pavlick - 10 Year Dancer

Cadence started dancing when she was 3, and is now 13 years old. She enjoys photography, reading, and crafting when she's not dancing. Cadence says her inspiration for dancing is her cousin Danielle King. She used to dance at 5678 and supports her in all of the things she does. She says all of her dance teachers hold a special place in her heart, and the best experience with 5678 has been the recitals (her favorite was 2021's "The Greatest Show") and the friends she has made along the way. Cadence says that 5678 is a 2nd family to her, and that in the future, she hopes to be a meteorologist!
Joy Penwell - 10 Year Dancer

Joy is 13 years old and started dancing when she was 3. She says that outside of dance, she is involved in her church youth group. Joy says that dancing makes her happy and lets her show people who she is without needing to use words, and that the best part of her experience here has been dancing with her friends. When asked who her favorite teacher is, she says "How could I ever pick just one? I love them all." She says that from them, she has learned how to be kind, caring, and smart - and she would not be who she is without them. In the future, Joy wants to be a dancer. She's not sure what kind of dancer, or in what capacity, but she is sure that dancing is in her future. 
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Lauren Kae Tyler - 10 Year Dancer

Lauren Kae is 13 years old - she started dancing at 5678 when she was 3, and says the best part of her time here so far has been going to dance competitions and Dancing down Main Street at Disneyland for the Dance the Magic parade. Lauren says her inspiration for dancing is her friend Hannah Doyle, because she loved watching her dance. Her favorite teacher is Tamie, because she's helped Lauren improve so much over the last 10 years. Her favorite recital so far has been 2021's "The Greatest Show" because of the fun choreography, and her favorite dance was "We're Gonna Party". Lauren says that in the future she wants to be a Kindergarten teacher, and that dancing at 5678 has made her a confident person and has brought her some of her best friends.

Dress Code

5678 Dance Studio has a dress code for dancers so that the instructors and students are getting the most out of their classes.  It is very hard for an instructor to correct a dancer’s alignment when the dancer is wearing baggy clothes, their hair is in their face, or they are not wearing dance clothes and it is very hard for a dancer to make corrections, stretch, and dance properly when they have street clothes on. Please make sure to have your dancer dress according to the dress code so that your child can participate in their classes. 

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