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Dance Styles

5678 Dance Studio offers a wide variety of Dance Styles for all ages, from Toddler Classes to Adult.

Please explore our styles below to find the best fit for you!

Dance with Me - Parent Participation - Ages 1-2.5

Dance with Me classes can be a way to introduce your child to new people, objects, and settings without having to leave your child in an unfamiliar area by themselves. Not only will you be helping your child to learn and grow, but you will be able to bond with them in a fun activity. The Dance with Me class is designed for the child to have one parent or adult participating with them in class. 

Pre Ballet & Pre Tap - Ages 3-4

This class is structured for younger students learning beginning concepts of tap and ballet through creative movement and imaginative play. Students will learn beginning concepts in tap and ballet technique with emphasis on advancing their dance skills concentrating on balance, coordination, musicality, and learning dance vocabulary and terminology.

Tot Hip Hop - Ages 3-4

This class is structured for beginning students learning concepts of Tap and Hip-Hop in a high-energy atmosphere. Our young dancers learn the basic steps in these genres and continue to learn how to follow directions and build on their fundamental dance skills.


From beginning through advanced levels, students will focus on advancing and developing rhythmic ability, continue to learn tap skills, and start learning and using dance vocabulary and choreography.


From beginning through advanced levels, students will focus on advancing in the foundation of dance: Ballet. These classes will train dancers in proper placement, balance, and strength which will aid in all other classes taken. Emphasis in these classes will be disciplined technique and vocabulary.

Pointe classes are offered separately from regular technique classes in order to safely build the strength required for full pointe work. Dancers must be approved by the Director and must be enrolled in a separate ballet technique class.

From beginning through advanced levels, students will focus on advancing and developing jazz abilities, including proper stretching, jazz technique, terminology, turns, leaps, and combinations which will further their experience as they use and continue to improve these skills in the choreography taught.


From beginning through advanced levels, students will explore different forms of urban movement and experience the latest forms of street dancing. These classes aid in strength, flexibility, and rhythm.  Only clean music is used.


Students of all levels will grow and learn as they develop skills in this current form of dance which combines Jazz, Modern, and Lyrical set to music. Contemporary does not have fixed or established movement patterns but it’s rather in a continuous search for new forms and dynamics. Therefore its dancers make use of varied modern and classical dance techniques to train.


Lyrical is fusion between Jazz and Ballet technique, and compliments the style and rhythm of the song choice. Lyrical dance combines simple choreographic vocabulary with technically difficult moves in an expressive style that follows the lyrics of songs and is often interpreted in the short solo format.  

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