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2024-2025 Dance Season Registration

June 20th Returning Student Registration

Show A

12-12:30pm           Dance with Me & Pre-Level Dancers (ages 1-4)

12:30-1pm             Level I Dancers (ages 5-6)

1-1:30pm               Level II Dancers (ages 7-8)

1:30-2pm               Level III Dancers (ages 9-11)

2-2:30pm               Level IV & V Dancers (12 and older)

Show B

4-4:30pm                Pre-Level Dancers (ages 3-4)

4:30-5pm                Level I Dancers (ages 5-6)

5-5:30pm                Level II Dancers (ages 7-8)

5:30-6pm                Level III Dancers (ages 9-11)

6-6:30pm                Level IV & V Dancers (12 and older)


A registration fee per dancer will be applied to your account as well as 1st month’s tuition. These fees will be charged on August 1, 2024. 


June 27th New Family Registration


Annual Registration Fee:

$40.00 1st Dancer

$30.00 2nd Dancer

$20.00 3rd Dancer


Monthly Tuition

30 min class - $52 a month

45min class -  $55 a month

60min class -  $62 a month

75min class -  $65 a month


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