Showstopper Winter Newsletter


Here is a review of upcoming events for the Showstopper Team.  I know it's a busy couple of months, so make sure to put everything in your calendar.


Winter Break Technique Classes

Your dancer is used to a certain routine, during Winter Break the dancer’s normal routine is gone with having no school and no dance.  Of course a break is always nice and many people use this time for vacations. However, I will be having two Winter Break Technique Classes for anyone that would like to get a class or two in during the Winter Break.  These are not mandatory but recommended if your dancer is available.


Wednesday December 27th – 10am-12pm

Wednesday January 3rd – 10am-12pm


These classes will include cardio, stretching and technique.  The fee is $15 for the two hours, if you sign up for both Wednesday’s the fee is $25.  You can enroll in these classes now.  If we do not get enough enrolled the class could be canceled so sign up today!


January 8th - Showstopper Showcase Tickets On Sale

Our 2018 Showstopper Showcase Tickets will be available for purchase in starting January 8th at 10am.  All tickets will need to be purchased through the Gallo Center.  If you purchase your tickets online or over the phone Gallo charges a service fee of $5 per ticket, if you purchase at the Box Office the service fee is $1 per ticket. 


How to purchase your tickets online -

  1. Go to

  2. Pick the Showstopper Showcase on February 10th 

  3. Pick the Seats You want

  4. Go to Cart when finished to purchase


How to purchase your tickets at the Gallo Box Office -

  1. Go to the Gallo Center at 1000 I St

  2. Let the box office know you want to purchase tickets for the Showstopper Showcase on February 10th 


How to purchase your tickets by phone-

  1. Call the Gallo Box Office at 209-338-5000

  2. Tell the operator you want to purchase tickets for the Showstopper Showcase on February 10th 


January 19th - 21st - Hollywood Connection Convention & Competition

Details on the exact schedule and times of classes and competition will be emailed out as soon I receive them.


Please stop by the office and sign the HC Waiver.  I cannot email one to you because HC gives me one list of names and everyone has to sign on the same page.

January 26th - Showstopper Showcase Finale Rehearsal

In order for all dancers to learn and perform the Finale for the Showstopper Showcase there will be rehearsal on January 26th.  Times for each group are below -


4-5:30pm       Petites/Minis/Juniors

5-6:30pm       Teens/Seniors


Dancers will wear their 5678 Team Shirt, black shorts, tan tights and tan shoes for the finale.


January 27th - Showstopper Picture Day

Dancers will have headshots taken as well as a group shot of each competition dance for the Showcase program and Gallo Lobby.  The schedule is listed on the last page of this newsletter.


Headshot Information -

Attire -

I am doing a more casual look this year.  Dancers will need to wear denim jeans (not too dark) and a cute white shirt.  If dancers wear a bra please make sure they wear a nude bra underneath, not a white or other color as it will show through the shirt.  A small necklace, bracelet or small earrings are fine to wear.  We may add or take away jewelry depending on the items.


Hair & Make Up -

Hair can be worn however the dancer likes to wear it best.  For Make-up, I want a natural look, so a little make up on the younger ones, just some blush, and lip gloss.  Older dancers can wear make-up they wear on a normal basis, not competition make up.


Examples -

In the original email sent!


February 10th - Showstopper Showcase

2:30-2:45pm - Arrive for Rehearsal (Doors will not be open before 2:30pm due to setting up so please do not arrive earlier)


3:00pm - Rehearsal on stage - CLOSED TO PARENTS


5-5:15pm - Dancers are released from rehearsal


6:30pm - Dancers need to be back in their assigned dressing rooms getting ready for the show


7:00pm - Showcase begins


I am looking for 3-4 mothers from different groups to help backstage in the dressing rooms during the show.  If you would like to volunteer please contact me at  I will let you know by January 1st who is volunteering backstage.  I have teachers working as well backstage.


March 16th - 18th Radix Convention & Competition

Details on the exact schedule and times of classes and competition will be emailed out as soon I receive them.

We will do a Dance Sister Exchange at this competition.  Please make sure to keep your gift $10 and under J

March 23rd - Opening Number Rehearsal

Dancers will learn the entire Opening Number on this day.  Exact times will be announced later but it will be approx 4-7pm.


After the Radix convention there will be no more competition rehearsals for April and May.  Some of the competition rehearsals will be replaced with opening number rehearsals.  Here is the schedule for those rehearsals.


Petite Opening Rehearsal - Monday 4-4:30pm

Mini Opening Rehearsal - Thursday 6:30-7pm

Junior Opening Rehearsal - Tuesday 4:30-5pm

Teen/Senior Opening Rehearsal - Wednesday 6:15-7pm

Group Rehearsal - Tuesday 5-5:45pm

            - Petites/Minis will need to attend on April 10th, May 1st and May 22nd


HDJ Nationals - July 2018

More information will be announced in March.


Please contact me with any questions.

Dance the Dream





















Team Picture Day Schedule - January 27th


10:00am         Mini Team Headshots           9 Dancers


10:30am         Petite Team Headshots        6 Dancers


11:00am         Broadway Baby                      9 Dancers


11:30am         Jump in the Line                    5 Dancers


11:45am         Baby that is R&R                   5 Dancers


12:00pm         Junior Team Headshots       14 Dancers


12:45pm         Mambo Italiano                     7 Dancers


1:05pm           Party Party Party                  7 Dancers


1:25pm           Glam                                       1 Dancers


1:30pm           Shake a Tail feather              3 Dancers


1:40pm           Imagine                                  7 Dancers


2:00pm           Teen Headshots                    16 Dancers


2:45pm           Purple Reign                          30 Dancers


3:00pm           BEATZ                                                10 Dancers


3:20pm           I am Me                                  1 Dancer


3:25pm           Run Boy Run                         14 Dancers


3:45pm           Cherry Hill                             1 Dancer


3:40pm           Already Gone                         8 Dancers


4:00pm           World Town                          3 Dancers


4:10pm           Glacier                                                2 Dancers


4:15pm           Solos – Alli, Madison, Laura, Gracie, Isabella, Naomi


4:30pm           Fierce Fleet


5:00pm           END




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