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Tamie Griffith - OWNER & DIRECTOR


Tamie Griffith is owner of 5678 Dance Studio.  She has lived in Modesto most of her life.  She attended Woodrow, Somerset, and Beyer while in school in Modesto.  She has been married for 25 years and has 4 boys.


Tamie Griffith was 3 years old when she started dancing.  She trained in all styles of dance while living in the Bay Area and Modesto.  When she was younger, she and her sister, Danette would use their summer break to teach neighborhood kids dances and put on a recital in their backyard for friends and family.  They always knew that one dance they would open a dance studio of their own and that it would be named 5678 Dance Studio.


When Tamie was young, she loved all dance styles, but really fell in love with Ballet around 8 years old.  She loved the discipline and grace behind the art and wanted to continue her training further.  When she was a teenager, she took private lessons twice a week in ballet and pointe and often traveled to Berkley & Oakland to take ballet classes at Shawl Anderson Dance and The Oakland Ballet.  She continues this love of ballet today and tries to instill it in her students.


When Tamie was 16 and her sister was 19, they had the opportunity to open their own dance studio.  This was a dream come true for the two sisters.  Many people doubted they could do it at such a young age, but because of their determination, love of dance, and support from family, they accomplished what they set out to do, “Dance the Dream”.  5678 Dance Studio is currently in their 30th year of business!


Tamie now runs the dance studio alone with the support and help of her husband and faculty, due to her sister’s passing in 2013.  The dream the two sisters had many years ago will always be there.  Tamie is always striving to bring the best to her students and faculty at 5678 Dance Studio.  Tamie directs a competition team that travels to local dance conventions & competitions.  


Besides teaching her dancers dance steps, technique and choreography, she also strives to teach her dancers “life lessons”.  Tamie hopes that her dancers realize that they add joy to her life each day.  She knows that when her dancers have developed a passion…a real love for dance, that she has accomplished one of many goals. 





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