Team Picture Day Schedule

January 28th


10:00am                  Mini Team Headshots             


10:45am                  Red Carpet                                     


11:00am                  Codfish Ball                                             


11:20am                  Bathing Beauty                           


11:45am                  Team Headshots                          


12:30pm                 Here I Come                                 


12:45pm                 We Have a Choice                                 


1:00pm                    The Bench    


1:10pm                    League of Our Own                     


1:35pm                    School Days                                             


1:45pm                    Bounce                                           


1:55pm                    Friends Till the End                


2:00pm                    Topsy Turvy                                


2:05pm                    Unlike Me                                      


2:10pm                    Solos                                               


2:30pm                    END

We will be taking head shots of all team dancers for the Feb 11th Showstopper Showcase as well as group and individual photos of this year's team groups.  This year for the head shots we will be doing and Old Hollywood style picture.  Dancers will need to wear a solid dark or light dressy shirt (no patterns) with a nice neckline and hair down, smooth and styled.  The photo is all about the face and hair.  Pictures will be taken in black and white. 

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