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Liz Swilley



Liz Swilley is currently a dance teacher at 5678 Dance Studio as well as a Dance Teacher at Central Catholic High School in Modesto, California.  Liz began dancing at the age of five after coveting her mother’s jewelry box that had a ballerina on the top.  Liz would sit for hours and watch the ballerina on the music box turn, which inspired her to start dancing.  Her mother’s jewelry box also influenced her decision to specialize in ballet.  Liz has danced at 5678 dance studio in Modesto for 29 years as a dancer and has taught there as well for the last 17 years. Through 5678, Liz competed on their competitive dance team for over 10 years and now she teaches all ages, from two years old to adults in ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, pointe, contemporary, and lyrical dances.  Through dance, Liz has had many different and exciting opportunities, starting in high school where she cheered on Escalon High’s Varsity Cheer squad.  After high school, Liz was offered various dance scholarships, which included both cash scholarships as well as opportunities to audition for a cruise line and the Laker Girls NBA team.  Liz’s talent and wide range of experiences have also led her to where she is today coaching and teaching of 150 students in her dance program at Central Catholic High School. 



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