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Jess Saad



Jess was born in Honolulu, Hawaii in July of 1992. At the age of 2, she moved to the Central Valley with her mother. Two years after that, she started a tap class. Unfortunately, her tap shoes were misplaced and she didn't go back that year. (Stubbornness is a trait that she carried through to her adult life). The next year, she was ready to start classes with brand new shoes. 

She grew up dancing with 5678, taught by Tamie and Danette, and dreamed of the day she would be asked to be an assistant teacher. That day finally came in 2009. She was on the competition team for one year, where she realized she enjoys performing more than competing.

In 2012, she moved to Los Angeles where she learned how to pay a bill on time, buy a car on her own, and she worked for Ewan McGregor! She also discovered she didn't like the sunshine that much and really missed home.  Now, she's living the dream, teaching and dancing alongside friends and family. 

Jess loves to travel, she's been to 10 countries (so far!), she speaks French, likes to work out, and do puzzles. Her favorite cities in the world are Berlin and New Orleans and the tattoo on her arm says "live free" in French (she knows you've all been wondering).  

Right now, she’s attending MJC to achieve her dreams of working with renewable resources to combat global warming. Before the age of thirty, she will graduate with two bachelor’s degrees in biology and mathematics. She will eventually go on to get a masters and doctorate, and maybe a teaching credential. Who knows what the future holds?

Jessica's dream has always been to have a good, lasting impact on the world, and she believes that begins with children. (She also dreams to dance with Britney Spears)

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