Brittany Spurgeon



Brittany was raised in Modesto, California by her grandparents up until she was 12 years old when she moved to Seneca, Missouri. Over her childhood years, Brittany's grandmother and grandfather spent every spare moment of their time video taping and recording her dance. From the front yard, to the back yard, to the living room, and anywhere else, Brittany's grandparents could follow her with a camera while she tumbled her way to the next dance floor listening to Brittney Spears.

The one thing Brittany's grandmother always wanted for her was to finish school. In 2011, she received her high school diploma from Seneca High School as an active leader, assistant, along with participating in multiple organizations. Brittany had the honor of being chosen by 20 of her own teammates as varsity cheerleading captain with the responsibility of constructing routines leading into successful championships! Organizations such as: Key Club, FCA (Fellowship of
Christian Athletes), Speech & Debate Association, and also being a teachers assistant has helped her become who she is today.


Brittany's main focus as an instructor in her organizations was to encourage young children to be positive but also fearless with good citizenship and constructive feedback. She was a natural leader, helping children grow within themselves to have a sense of usefulness and belonging, following through with progression between one another.


Graduating with an A+ Program Scholarship not only increased her confidence towards college, but allowed her to continue her passion of cheerleading and dance at Missouri Southern State University. After cheering for MSSU Lions for three and a half years her most memorable, and probably most intimidating, moment throughout her college years was being able to perform with her team in Daytona Florida for the NCAA Nationals in 2014.

Brittany looks forward to adding 5678 Dance Studio to her dense resume of dancing, coaching, cheerleading, and fellowship. She is excited to be around like-minded individuals and ambitious artists who look to better their own works as well as helping others around them reach new heights. In her short time with the staff and families surrounding 5678, she has never felt more
at home and she only hopes she can make others feel the same.