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2021-2022 Competition Costumes

Please make sure that dancers are wearing the correct make-up, tights and shoes for all performances & competitions.



  • Hair must look the same so if someone’s is different I will ask for it to be fixed.

  • ONLY use rubberbands/bobby pins and clips that are the same color as your dancer’s hair

  • Make sure to use gel, paste and hairspray along with clips (not bobby pins)to keep hair secure and avoid fly aways



  • Dancers cannot wear underwear or camisoles under costumes. Underwear lines and camisole straps and lines detract from the costumes.

  • If dancers need to wear a bra it needs to not be seen, including straps.



  • Only wear the brand and color shoes & tights listed below.If you need new tights The Dance Bag on McHenry carries the brand and style we use.



  • Make sure dancers are not wearing nail or toe polish for competitions.

  • No fake tattoos can be worn at competitions

  • No extra jewelry can be worn.

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