Tremaine Dance Convention

November 25th & 26th  

Westin St Francis – San Francisco


All dancers have been registered under 5678 Dance Studio.  There is no need for you to go to the Registration Table to pick up wristbands for dancers.  If you did not pre-purchase an observer band you can buy one at the registration booth.  Dancers & Observers need to wear wristbands all weekend.


Schedule of Events for the Weekend –


Saturday November 25th

7:30am - ALL 5678 Showstopper Team Dancers meet for arrival meeting on the Mezzanine floor near the top of the staircase.


8:00am - Faculty Jam in Senior Room – All Dancers


8:30pm – Classes begin – Full class schedule will be available Saturday Morning.


4:00pm – All competition dancers need to meet in the Colonial Room for a Competition Orientation.  During this orientation there will be males in the room so please do not start changing until the orientation is over.  Please listen and be respectful to the Tremaine Staff while they are speaking.


4:30pm –Competition Begins – Dancers need to be backstage 15-20 dances before their dance.

Entry to competition is $5 if you don’t have an observer wristband – Doors open at 4:00pm.



#  12 – I Am Me

#  18 – Mambo Italiano

#  23 – Glam

#  25 – Shake a Tail Feather

#  29 – Party, Party, Party

#  33 – Imagine

#  40 – Espana Cani

#  49 – Living Bipolar

#  56 – 24K

#  63 – Already Gone

#  67 – Hometown Glory

#  71 – Run Boy Run

#  76 – Like You Know Me

#  80 – Purple Reign

#  84 – Glacier

#  85 – World Town

#  96 – Cherry Hill

#109- I Feel Good



Please Note –

  1. Tremaine DOES NOT go out of order.Dancers need to change quickly.I have made adjustments on the following hairstyles because the dancers have such quick changes I do not want them to have to change their hair multiple times.

  • Already Gone – ¾ Part low ponytail

  • Hometown Glory – ¾ Part low ponytail

  • Like You Know Me – ¾ Part low ponytail

  • Glacier – ¾ Part low ponytail

  • World Town– High ponytail


  1. Please have dancer’s next costume and all accessories ready to go when they come back.I know the quick changes are not ideal, but that is how it is.Let’s work together to make it happen!!!

  2. Dancers are NOT allowed in the audience in costume.Please make sure they have their warm up jacket and pants on while in the audience. No costumes can be showing.

  3. There is no rehearsing in the dressing room!

  4. A 10 point deduction can be taken from the dancer’s score for any misconduct from teachers, parents or dancers backstage.

  5. There is an award for Best Backstage Etiquette, let’s try to be chosen J

  6. When dancers are ready for their dance, please have them line up together and stand quietly.



Awards – There are 35 Junior #’s, then 53 Teen #’s, then Awards, then 40 Senior #’s then Awards.  Please make sure to support our 2 Senior Soloists.


Each competition gives out awards differently.  Here are the awards that Tremaine hands out.


Performance Awards: Each routine will be judged using the method of adjudication, which is based on a 100 point system. Only a 1st, 2nd & 3rd trophy will be awarded.  If there is only 1 dance in the category, it will compete against the point system.


Overall Awards: “Highest Score” & “Best Showmanship” will be awarded in each age division, Junior, Teen & Senior.


Each competition I will assign 1 dancer to accept the awards for each group dance.  All dancers in solos can go together to accept award. Please make sure your dancer knows when they should and should not get awards. The dancers chosen for Tremaine are –


Purple Reign - Alli

Shake a Tail Feather –Camden

Imagine – Destyni

Party, Party, Party – Olivia

Mambo Italiano – Maddy

Already Gone – Gianna

Run Boy Run – Danielle

Glacier – Gracie

World Town - Brooklin


Tremaine hands out one trophy for each dance for the studio.  These trophies will be collected by me after awards from the dancer in charge of getting award and then I will take them to the studio.  All solo dancers may keep their trophies.


Sunday November 12th

Look to Class Schedule for Start time.


Dancers are required to stay until the end of the Wrap Party. Tremaine will end by 3:30pm, their Wrap Party is one of the best!!! Scholarships will be announced, faculty performance and that’s it.


Dancers Requirements

During Classes

  1. Saturday –All dancers need to wear their “2017 Team Shirt” with black shorts or leggings (5678 shorts and leggings are fine)

*Please note dancers 14 and older have auditions on Saturday and may take off their team shirt and wear a different 5678 color top for auditions *

  1. Sunday – Any style of dance clothes that are studio colors – Purple, Black, Silver or White.No baggy shirts or pants and no jeans.Must be dance clothes and on.

  2. Attend all classes and go full out every class even if it is a style you don’t take or don’t like.

  3. Wear 5678 Warm Ups when not dancing and walking in the hotel.

  4. Be polite and respectful to ALL teachers, other dancers and parents.


During Competition

  1. No bad attitudes are allowed backstage.

  2. No speaking badly to your mother or anyone backstage.

  3. You may not wear your costume in the audience.All dancers must wear Warm Ups when not dancing and during awards.This includes 5678 jacket and pants.If you are not wearing it you will not be allowed on stage for awards. No cell phones are allowed out on stage during awards.

  4. Change quickly and be respectful to the Tremaine staff.

  5. No matter what award we are given we will be happy, smile and applaud for ourselves and other dance studios.No negative comments about placement.We will discuss scores and placement in rehearsal back at the studio and nowhere else.

  6. Dancers must be present and watch all 5678 competition dances, unless they are lining up for their next dance.


Parent Requirements

During Classes

  1. Make sure your daughter is dressed according to the Showstopper Team requirements.If they are not I will notify you and you will need to make changes so they are.

  2. Make sure dancers arrive on time for classes ready to go, well rested and fed.

  3. Please remember you represent me, 5678 Dance Studio, your dancer and yourself all weekend.

  4. No drama or conflicts with other parents.Save it for another time when we are not at a convention.


During Competition

  1. Make sure your dancer is ready to go and on time to perform.

  2. Keep backstage positive and no negativity towards your dancer or other dancers.

  3. Please respect the Tremaine staff and make sure your dancer is as well.

  4. Applaud for all awards even those that are not given to us.

  5. Do not question the judge’s decision on awards.We will discuss scores and comments back at the studio.

  6. Parents must allow their dancer be present and watch all 5678 competition dances, unless they are lining up for their next dance.

  7. Please cheer and applaud for our dancers.DO NOT SHOUT THEIR NAMES!!!



Auditions will take place on Saturday for Senior Dancers and Sunday for Junior, Teen dancers.  Auditions will be according to your age on the day of auditions. 

Junior Auditions - Age 7-10                        Teen Auditions - Age 11-13                        Senior Auditions - Age 14 and up


It is required for all Showstopper Dancers to audition.  Make sure to smile have fun and be energetic.


If you will be driving into the St. Francis on Friday night, be sure to plan ahead as the large attendance for the tree lighting ceremony will definitely affect your arrival time.  Many of the streets around the St. Francis will be closed before, during and after the ceremony.


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