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Pre-Ballet, Pre-Tap, Tot Hip Hop, Ballet I, Tap I, and Jazz/Hip Hop I


5678  Dance Studio welcomes the opportunity to help give your child:


  • A strong technical foundation in dance

  • Certified instruction in a supportive and safe atmosphere

  • A love of dance and respect for the art of dance

  • A Performance opportunities each year.


5678 Dance Studio has been leading the way in top quality dance instruction for the last 26 years. Under the direction and ownership of Danette Tomasello and Tamie Griffith, 5678 has become well known for exemplifying its motto, “dream…believe…achieve.” By stressing the importance of good moral character, clean technique, and pure body mechanics, 5678 continues to encourage the  growth and development of young dancers in the Central Valley. 5678 Dance Studio strives to train students who are well rounded in many forms and styles of dance. Our desire is to provide building blocks that will support the success of our students not only in dance, but more importantly, in life.


5678 Children’s Program forms the foundation for training in dance education. Qualified instruction is essential to the development of young dancers. By giving attention to technique, body mechanics and discipline, while maintaining the joy of dance, we nurture the love of the art while protecting the student. We desire to develop within each student, musical awareness, coordination, flexibility, strength and a sound technical understanding of dance. These will serve as tools to enable our dancers to advance to higher levels of ability.


The 5678 Children’s Program has been designed to engage the student’s auditory, visual, and muscular memory. The weekly syllabus ensures a steady progression as new concepts are reinforced and built upon. Simple dance vocabulary, hand motions, dance movement, and singing are all used to retain knowledge gained in classes


5678 Dance Studio considers dance to be a highly respected and beautiful visual art form. We feel it is imperative to give all of our dancers the opportunity to perform annually. Students are given the chance to shine in our annual dance performance. The dance production allows our students to experience performing in a beautiful theatre in full costume and makeup. Our young dancers learn all aspects of theatre etiquette and gain confidence as they participate together with their peers and with the older and more advanced dancers at 5678. These experiences serve to inspire students to work even harder throughout the year in their weekly classes.  

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