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BAND App Links

We want to be sure your dancer has everything they need to learn the steps they are being taught in class. Please joing the Band App group corresponding to your child's class(es) and check out the Albums - we will be posting videos for them to practice with outside of class!

Team Band Links -

Mini Team -

Intermediate -

Teen -

Senior -


Levels -

Dance With Me Show A -

Pre-Level Show A/B -

Level I Show A -

Level I Show B -

Level II Show A -

Level II Show B -

Level III Show A -

Level III Show B -

Level IV Show A -

Level IV Show B -

Level V Show B  -

Boys Hip Hop -

Adult Tap -

                                                                      Daddy Daughter Hip Hop - 

                                                             Daddy Daughter Ballroom -

                                                              Mommy Munchkin -

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